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The Sage

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The Sage

The Sage

The Sage archetype, called 'Senex' by Jung, portrays intelligence, power, and knowledge. It speaks to the inherent spiritual part of our identity in the oblivion and as indicated by Carl Jung, shows up in our lives through various images. It might appear in the form of individuals, dreams, bits of knowledge, or our life's learning that we pass on to other people.

The book Archetypes in Branding breaks the Sage into some of the given categories.

•       The Sage:  Persuaded by reality, the Sage emphasizes on information and learning. The Sage likes to settle on levelheaded choices dependent on research.

•       Translator: A radiant communicator, the Translator, takes advantage of widespread realities by deciphering the meaning and connecting patterns.

•       Mentor: The Mentor's very presence is committed to sharing astuteness for the advantage and backing of others. The capacity to stay objective and be a decent judge of character serves the Mentor well and increases reliability.


Brands that relate to the Sage often use polished and impressive marketing materials. They don't endeavor to inspire with fluff or tricks. Sage brands will in general incline toward a palette of neutral or stifled hues, for example, grey, naval force, or white for their promoting designs and logos. Likewise, some Sage brands produce marketing materials that veer from existing trends with an end goal to make individuals see things differently.

The Sage brand is a natural fit for any organization that emphasizes on innovative work, research and acquisition of knowledge. Japanese auto company Toyota announced its plan to begin “The Toyota Research Institute” in January 2016. The organization’s motto is "We run on brain power", and it is investing large amounts of money in Artificial intelligence (AI), to make the world better by delivering more secure vehicles that won't adversely affect the environment.


The Sage Brand Personality is continually looking for reality. They tend to be perfectionist, not agreeing to anything besides what is correct and genuine. They flourish with knowledge and stay aware of the status quo, and they appreciate offering their discoveries to others to ensure mutual benefit. TED, which represents Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a non-profit association known for its enlightening TED Talks regarding each matter. Its main goal is to fabricate a clearinghouse of free information from the world's most motivated scholars because it believes that thoughts can change the world.

Truth Seeker

The Sage is a searcher of truth, and this archetype works with a fundamental rule that the truth sets one free. It is related to characteristics of self-reflection that enlightens our way to individualization. It suggests inquiring oneself to reach for the appropriate responses one looks for in life. The sage, therefore, indulges in introspection, which includes reflecting and searching internally by staying alert and tolerant of one's thoughts, emotions, and activities.

Audi, the automobile manufacturer, makes its advertisements in a way that fits with the Sage brand archetype as it recalls its story through time, testing the impossible and getting ready for what's to come in the future. Not only does it uses its knowledge to get better over time but it is eager to continue to make a positive difference.

Sage Customers

Customers of the Sage trust that learning and information originate from development and hence, they are always searching for new sources of information. Sage customers are probably going to be attracted by the things that move them to think in a unique way; after all, the sage encourages people to ponder.

International Business Machines Corporation IBM’s homepage greets its customers by stating “Welcome to the Cognitive Era.” This short yet specific message is reflective of their Sage brand personality.


The Sage trusts that the way to bliss and happiness is paved with wisdom and knowledge and that by seeking out reality and offering it to other people, we can improve the world. The Sage disregards equivocalness, deception, deceiving cases, and numbness.

Sage brands, for the most part, have high levels of insight and awareness. Well suited example of this is CNN that has the tagline “Be the first to know.”


While at times, the sage will be shrewd, open-minded and articulate, at other times, it can be viewed as self-ingested or cold to some people. The Sage fears being called an ignorant. The other weakness that it possesses is that it can overthink things which in turn can put it in a complicated situation.

In short, Sage's center inspiration is to utilize the knowledge and investigate to comprehend the world. After all, the reality is the one thing that can set one free. Brands that relate to this will, in general, have a humanist side to them which is the one thing that potentials customers in this day and age crave for.