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The lover

eivind holum
The lover

The Lover archetype is passionate and speaks to whatever delights the senses. Brands that epitomize this archetype like to praise the natural delights of being human, encouraging closeness and happiness in their consumers. The Lover archetype shows energy and excitement and is typically the principal model to first develop in man.

Lover archetype brings out a feeling of sentiment and sex. The Lover has different objectives – love for family, for companions, for God, and for itself. The Lover enthusiastically looks for them all. The book Archetypes in Branding separates the lover archetype into sub-archetypes. Some of them are as follows:

•       The Lover: Unwavering and energetic, the Lover is about closeness and harmony.

•       Romantic: Beguiling and charming as well as hopeful and friendly, the Romantic can be intensely emotional.

•       Match Maker: The intensity of human association and relationship elements are surely known by the matchmaker, and this sub-group goes about as a facilitator to bring individuals together.

Instilling Emotions

The Lover is tied in with making connections and evoking feelings. The Lover brand archetype wants to make individuals feel exceptional and address their needs. There is quality in closeness; divine nature of love and adoration, and no archetype uses this power more skillfully than the Lover. The commercial of the brand CHANEL highlighting model Gisele Bundchen overflows sentiments and romance. CHANEL is a brand whose primary attention is to evoke emotions through its products, making them alluring. Hence, it represents the best example of the lover brand archetype.

The lover brand customers

The lover brand customers value the beautiful and atheistic appearance of products. They are probably going to be attracted to premium brands that will make them appear appealing to others. Lover customers desire to feel extraordinary. They need that adoration and love so that they can reciprocate as well. If their requirements aren't met, Lover brands fear to lose them to a contender that can make them feel extraordinary once more. Cesar, the dog food brand, highlighted a loving connection between a man and his animal. What their commercials do is that they effectively feature a friendship dynamic instead of a parental figure dynamic. Rather than just a man and his animal, they try to portray the loving connection between two equivalents.

Exotic Pleasure

The Lover performs best under mutually beneficial situations. They are no alien to devotion and duty; they will demonstrate gratefulness for others without being incited and are fastest to bear everything. They view the world through rose-tinted glasses. The Lover is the archetype of play and exotic pleasures. Living in the moment and tuned into sensuality, the Lover profoundly associates with the vitality and energy of the Universe.

Christian Dior is known worldwide for its popular products. Dior as a brand guarantees to make you beautiful and progressively attractive. This feeling of sensuality makes it a brand that aligns with the lover archetype.

Weakness of Lover

The weakness of the lover archetype is that it can objectify desires and often lose its character. The lovers are prone to compulsion. They likewise dread being separated from people. They just cannot withstand being unnoticed. Hence, it is no surprise that their greatest fear is being rejected or disliked.

Retro style

The Lover brand archetypes like' retro style vehicles and retro ladies dress; these things are the center of attention of this archetype. Lover brand is genuinely appropriate in addressing women's needs. Brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Victoria's Secret have mastered this art.


One more notable example of a Lover brand is Godiva. This chocolate organization is famous for its erotic nature and extravagance. All of its advertising plans are packed and loaded with material imagery intended towards celebrating sentiments of joy as well as exclusivity.

The American fast-food restaurant company Carl's Jr. challenged the notion that the Lover archetype should only be applied by luxurious brands as it has for over a decade used the Lover archetype identity for its brand and achieved substantial success. This means that the lover is not at all limited and can be used by various types of brands.


The individuals who want intimacy and seek delight in their connections, relationships, and environment have the Lover identity. The Lover brand archetypes are ideal for organizations that need to be both peculiar and fascinating. For Lover brands, customer satisfaction and appreciation are a lifestyle. Their priority is to make their customers feel safe enough so that they can take advantage of their desires and courageously seek what sets their spirits on fire.