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The Innocent

eivind holum
The Innocent

The Innocent is the first of the twelve archetypes developed by Carl Jung. As indicated by the primary archetype – the Innocent – life does not need to be hard. In fact, life can be as easy as you want it to be and all you need to do is focus on goodness, optimism, romance, and happiness. The picture of the Innocent passes on the message that you are liberated to act naturally and to experience your fantasies at the present moment.

The Innocent has trust, confidence and good faith. Various characters and brands around the globe start their career as Innocents with incredibly high beliefs and goals. They think that if they work sufficiently hard and do the right things, then they will most likely help other people and in turn, be able to make a positive difference in the world.

The Prime Example

One example brand of The Innocent is Coca Cola. Think of the numerous animated commercials involving polar bears that Coca Cola has come up with. The 1993 one and the 2013 springs to mind. Both were remarkable in the sense that they perfectly featured Coca Cola’s slogan “Open happiness” in a unique way. They highlighted the true Innocent essence to demonstrate that Coke does, indeed, make everything okay.

Optimism in feels

Achieving purity by doing the right thing is synonymous with both the Innocent and the brand “Dove”. Given that Dove aspires to raise the confidence of young ladies and women through its market crusades, it is essential for it to align itself with simplicity, goodness, morality, and innate beauty of people. What better way to do all of this than to embrace the Innocent?

From logo to packaging to ads, Dove stands firm by the Innocent archetype. The brand Dove equates to immaculateness and urges people to love as well as accept themselves. Safe to say, Dove, exemplifies the Innocent in its pursuit of pure life.

The Innocent aches to encounter heaven as pure, straightforward and perfect. With a charming childlike quality, the Innocent attracts other people who hope to secure their natural confidence and optimism.

Brand Hallmark, too, exudes the feeling of goodness as well as youth and is connected to shrewdness in old age – clearly siding with the innocent archetype.

The Glimpse of Simplicity

The Innocent archetype shows a longing for safety, goodness, and simplicity. It wants to encounter unrestricted love and acknowledgment.

Ivory, whose clients favor gentleness and clearness over stylish aromas and packaging will go for the ever-simple Ivory brand, time and again. Why? Well, because Ivory has worked around the possibility of a persona that is pure and basic. Its customers know that, and hence, they remain loyal to the brand.

High Goals

Earth Food Store, the longest-running natural store in Sydney, centers on conveying premium quality natural products to its clients. It additionally imports perfect high-quality handcrafted containers to help bolster a community in Ghana. Not only is the Earth Food Store focused on the customer side of the business as it aims to provide its customers the products of the highest possible quality but it is also ensuring that it positively impacts the society on the whole as well.


With an unbridled feeling of marvel, the Innocent sees the world as legit and healthy. This prime example encapsulates a feeling of restoration, internal harmony, and wistfulness. It is pure, ethical, and flawless. The test it faces is the propensity to maintain a strategic distance from or deny issues.

Everything is free, temperate and content in an innocent's life. An innocent brand will never coerce you or try to persuade you unreasonably. Rather, an innocent brand will beguile you with something all the more effective as well as dominant: Nostalgia. Yes, you read that right.

Orville Redenbacher is a good example of the innocent brand archetype. This organization endeavors to offer you a childhood treat that can bring back all the good old memories. After all, who doesn’t want to go back in time and re-live their childhood?

The Innocent Consumer

The clients of an Innocent brand incline toward straight talking, contrivance free publicizing and they are normally attracted to optimistic brands. Promoting something that is exceptionally overwhelming is probably going to push them away.

Babybel publicizes itself through an ad where it shows various foods and cheese introducing itself. The entire advert is simple and situated in a family kitchen condition, telling the crowd about the intentions of the brand to provide a tasty snack. Yes, it is different but at the same time, simple and effective.

The Innocent takeaway

In a nutshell, the Innocent world is a place where everything is clear, and there are no shrouded plans or twofold implications. The innocents stop to enjoy the scenery and grin at strangers. They value originality, happiness, hope, and security above all else. Given that brands around the globe aspire to create value for their customers and improve their lives, siding with the innocent brand archetype might just help them gain visibility.