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The artist

eivind holum
The artist

The Creator

The Creator archetype aims to provide structure to the world by innovating. Turning dreams into reality, expressing oneself, and harnessing imagination are the pillars on which the archetype Creator stands on.

This archetype refers specifically to individuals and brands that are passionate about the process of creating something new. The Creator loves creativity and is fond of authenticity. Inventing, artistry, writing, and entrepreneurship all fall in the domain of this archetype.

The Creator is a rebel in many ways, and freedom of expression is everything to it. Creators’ drive and core aim to invent is also their weakness as they are afraid of falling victim to mediocrity. They are obsessed with perfection, and this can also lead to their downfall.

Shades of the Creator

Similar to other archetypes, the Creator also has some different sub-types. These are: 

•       Creator – An expressive innovator, the Creator is highly achievement-minded and dedicated to its craft.

•       Visionary – The Visionary is thoughtful and excels as a strategist. This archetype has a great imagination and foresight which enables it to foresee what others cannot.

•       Storyteller – The combination of creativity and effective communication leads us to the Storyteller sub-archetype. This archetype has a dramatic flair in its expression which enables it to come up with ideas that help people connect to things around them on a deeper level.

•       Artist – The Artist is innately curious and playful, which motivates it to come up with a fresh perspective on things. This sub-archetype also has a need for self-expression which makes it an emotional and inspired character.

•       Entrepreneur – The Entrepreneur is achievement-minded and proactive. This sub-archetype has a vision which drives him to innovate and generate ideas that turn dream to reality.

Which Brands Fit the Creator Archetype?

The Creator archetype naturally fits the profiles of a variety of design, tech, and marketing brands. Any brand that innovates or comes up with new systems or processes personifies the Creator archetype. An example can be of organizational consultants.

Brands that focus on expressing one-self and realizing a particular vision incorporate the Creator in their brand. We can observe the Creator in brands such as Honda, Pinterest, and Sony among others. 

The branding that Creator brands employ is aesthetic and artful. Product-centric companies may aim for incorporating actual artwork or some elements of them in their marketing campaigns, be it imagery or written words, to evoke curiosity and make people appreciate their brand.

Creator brands focus on quality and innovation as part of their internal culture. These brands highly value the creative process and its outcome. The organizational structure focusses on collaborations. Teamwork is essential, and employees are allowed to express their ideas openly. 

Now we will focus on some brands that have exemplified the Creator archetype since their inception.


Adobe Systems Incorporated is an excellent specimen of the Creator. Having core values such as being authentic, innovative, and exceptional, Adobe has a corporate responsibility mindset that focusses on creativity as a stimulant of positive change.

Internally, Adobe exemplifies a Creator brand. This can be seen from their policy of eliminating the employee performance review system to create a less competitive, more creative environment for its employees.

Adobe is known worldwide for its image-manipulation software, Photoshop, which is the prime example of image editing software. Being the standard for “creative digital work”, Adobe encourages the drive to create in all of us.


Honda is a smart and innovative brand that uses its expertise to come up with ads that don’t even show a car driving through highways or around the city (which most other car brands tend to do). This shows how smart and out-of-the-box marketing is done as they are able to stand out and express their creativity, all along communicating their message to the customers.

Through an innovative marketing campaign, totally different from their competition, Honda is able to bring the buyer that loves new and genuine products to its brand through visionary marketing that tells the story of ‘Fulfilling the Power of Dreams'.


Named the most powerful brand in the world in 2017 and surprising everyone, Lego is a company that produces small plastic blocks that fit together. They beat brands like Google and Nike by sticking to the imagination and appreciating the creative process. Their ideas have been ingenious, turning almost anything into small blocks of plastic that stick together to become cars, buildings, and even real-life characters.

Lego has always stood by its vision to inspire the builder of today through creative toys that help them learn and innovate. This commitment makes Lego a premier Creator brand. Just recently Lego created a drivable Bugatti Chiron with around 1 million Lego pieces. This more than anything proves that Lego resonates with the Creator archetyp