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Logo & visual identity

eivind holum
Logo & visual identity


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  1. Define your purpose

Purpose exists in all companies. WHY is the factor that drives us to do what we actually do. Purpose is a strong force, however it is not always an easy task to pinpoint what our purpose is, or why we do what we do. Purpose is the main factor that differentiate you and your brand from everything else – it is what makes you different. Purpose evoke emotions and enforces an authentic brand. Focusing in your WHY and your purpose is crucial in order to maximise your brand and your growth.

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2. Visualize your identity

You control your identity – and your identity deserves the best possible presentation. You only get one chance to wow your customers when they interact with your brand – make the most of it from beginning to end. Your identity consists of all the areas your brand is present, it is your domain and your natural habitat. Your logo, your typography, your website, your social feeds, printed media. Your identity is the tone of your voice, how you talk and how you walk. Some aspects to be covered in your identity is: logo, patterns, typography, high quality imagery, illustrations and a general visual language that is enhancing and clarifying who you are, what you do and how you do it.

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3. Clarify the communication

Cut through the noise. We live in a world where we are bombarded with noise, poor design, mass produced digital media and quantities of ads never before seen to man. Cut through the noise by being well defined and refined. Be bold, be clear and allow your brand to communicate effectively with a perfectly tuned visual language. You can be good at anything, but not everything. Keep in mind all the physical and digital places your brand will be present from website, ads, social media to print and outdoor ads – a red line is crucial.

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4. The sum is greater than its parts

Although your brand is one thing – and a sum greater than its parts. A brand consists of these main components: Focusing on each part and ensuring the highest quality in execution of each component will create a stunning brand that people will love to engage with.


Eivind Holum – Freelance web and graphic designer based in Oslo