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The 4 Best Web Design Agencies in London

eivind holum
The 4 Best Web Design Agencies in London

According to the official statistics provided by the government of the United Kingdom, London had a total of 506,180 enterprises in 2018 and this number is expected to increase in 2019. Moreover, given that London is a start-up hub (it’s the largest startup hub in the EU and the third largest tech hub in the world) proves that the city is the epicenter of innovation and creativity. Now, what does this all mean? This means that there is great demand for web design agencies in London after all, almost all of the five-hundred thousand businesses need great websites and in turn web design services as well as graphic design services.

A website is a necessity in today’s modern online world. Businesses just cannot survive without a well developed and fully-functional website. To be honest, getting an exemplary website made either by a freelance web developer or professional web design and development company is among the initial few tasks on the checklist of every business. While budding entrepreneurs and established business all understand the importance of having a website made but when it comes to hiring the best in London they get confused. It is indeed quite challenging to find a professional web development company since so many of them boast to be the best. To solve this problem, we have shortlisted the very best of the web development companies in London and here’s the list as well as all the essential information about them that you need to know:


If there’s one web design and development agency in London that is experienced then it is Devstars. With over 20 years of experience, Devstars is a fully established company that leaves no stone unturned in delivering the best possible end product to its customers. Although it had a relatively small team throughout the last 2 decades, it shifting gears now. To cater to the ever-increasing demand, Devstars was just recently on a hiring spree to increase the numbers in its team.

Devstars not only offers web development services such as PHP, Linux, and Apache among others but it also provides high-quality web design, social media marketing, mobile development, and e-commerce related services. It truly is a versatile company that is really passionate about what they do. Having satisfied clients of the likes of SlimFast, Royal Academy of Music, as well as Cutler and Cross in addition to high ratings on Google Reviews, this company is one you just cannot overlook.

The WebKitchen

As the name suggests, the Webkitchen is a one-stop shop for all web design and development services in London. It was founded in 2005 and is based in central London with about 15 people working full-time. Its specialty is creating bespoke designs that help their clients’ standout from the competition. WebKitchen is pretty big on creating a unique visual identity for its customers and they leave no stone unturned in trying to do exactly that. By having a detailed discussion prior to taking an order, WebKitchen ensures that they truly understand exactly what the customers are looking for as it helps them in delivering quality websites.

Being a web design and development company London, Webkitchen offers professional web design and development services. In addition to this, it offers services pertaining to e-commerce, Wordpress, social media management as well as marketing, photography, SEO, and filming among others. It has a very impressive track record as it has provided services to numerous companies across a number of different industries. The prestigious University of Cambridge and Zenith – a prominent digital agency – are both clients of the WebKitchen.

Zebedee Creations

Another experienced Web design company London is Zebedee Creations. It was established way back in 1997 and now has 2 offices in London. One in Chiswick and the second in Clerkenwell. This web development company prides itself on delivering the very best products for high-end companies. Its approach is very simple. It incorporates and showcases the identity of the company on its website. Every particular feature is carefully designed and laid out.

Zebedee Creations provides services ranging from web hosting services to web development services. Be it e-commerce, content management, digital marketing, designing or branding, Zebedee Creations can handle it all. Having already dealt with clients such as Sony, J.P Morgan, BSI, Canada Life, Weight Watchers, Church of England, and UK film Council you can rest assured that Zebedee Creations will handle your project satisfactorily.

JBi Digital

Understanding the need for business oriented websites that could convert leads, two colleagues set up JBi Digital in 2007. It is a different type of web design and development agency partly because it is seen as an innovator and disruptor in the online world. JBi Digital not only offers web development and design services but also goes above and beyond by offering maintenance and promotion services that can actually take your business to the next level.

With popular clients such as Rolls Royce, Channel 4, and ITV, JBi Digital has proven itself time and again. Not only does it have an extensive portfolio that showcases what it is capable of but its educational blog is something that further proves its grip on web design services. It is the one company you should definitely turn to if you are looking for websites that are personalized right down to the minutest detail.

The takeaway

So, there you have it. The four best web design agencies in London. Do check them all out before you decide to go with any particular company because they are all somewhat different.

Note that your input will be crucial and you should try to give as many details as possible to any of the web design agency you hire. Talk it all out with them. Seek their advice but take the final call yourself. Needless to say that you should give it your best shot and spare no expenses when it comes to having a website designed because it is the one thing that will represent you the most. Don’t be afraid of being different but stay classy and professional even when experimenting.