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8 must-visit places for design lovers in London

eivind holum
8 must-visit places for design lovers in London

Inspiration and motivation are the keys for every designer. While each and every individual is unique and hence can draw their inspiration from various sources there’s just something different about places. Maybe it’s their actual existence, physical presence or even the fact that the designs are laid bare in front of everyone that they tend to inspire design lovers to go ahead and create something of their own.

London, the buzzing capital of England and the United Kingdom is one of Europe’s most prized possessions. It is home to a number of places, many of which have blended into the city such that they seem ordinary at the first sight but in reality are anything but ordinary. In short, it’s the ideal city for every designer whether he or she be a professional or an amateur. From historical and internationally recognized museums to the giant modern skyscrapers, there’s just about everything in London for everyone.

Sure, we all know about the London’s famous timepiece “Big Ben”, the amazing panoramic views that the “London Eye” observational wheel provides, the royalty that oozes from the “Buckingham Palace”, and the impeccable medieval castle that is known as “Tower of London” but to be honest, London is much more than these famous places. There’s a lot more that people can explore when in London. Don’t worry, if you have no idea whatsoever about these places. With our guide, you just cannot go wrong. So buckle up and note down the following not so popular must-visit places and events for design lovers in London:

The Design Museum

Founded in 1989 and located in Kensington, the Design Museum is an iconic place. Visiting the Design Museum is a no-brainer. Why? Because this particular building is one of the world’s leading institution dedicated to the present day’s architecture and design. Hence, it goes without saying that exploring the Design Museum will be a very fruitful task for anyone even remotely interested in design.

DIY Art Market

The DIY Art Market at the Hackney flea market is the place where you can expect to see all the emerging trends, artists, publishers, and designs. It’s well-known for its originality and hence, it becomes all the more important in today’s crowded design world where authentic design are a rarity. Your visit will really be worth it because you will get to see unique art prints, jewelry, photography, independent publications, and basically different ideas implemented wonderfully – all at one place.

Roman Road Market

Yes, you can indeed get design inspiration from places that are not flashy or widely recognized. A trip to the traditional street market – Roman Road market – will broaden your horizons. Amidst the frantic selling of clothes and other goods as well as crowded food court area you can see art that will give you an idea of what looks good and what doesn’t. Both are important when it comes to designing masterpieces.

London Transport Museum

The poster collection at the London Transport Museum is the ultimate source of inspiration. Exploring historical designs, delving deep into the past of the transportation system, and understanding the link between the growth of London as well as its culture and evolution of the transportation will surely light a bulb in your brain. Isn’t that just what you want?

Tate Modern

Britain’s national gallery of international modern art, Tate Modern is the one place that you just cannot miss. Located on the South bank at the very heart of the Thames it is a place where international as well as modern contemporary art is displayed. Several events occur on a daily basis and each offers something unique. So, do visit if you get a chance.

The Cartoon Museum

Well, at this point you might be done with visiting museums but trust us, this isn’t the museum that you would want to miss out either. Located right in the heart of London – Bloomsbury – the Cartoon Museum is an odd museum. This is because it is home to a variety of British cartoons and comic art from the eighteenth century to this day. There are 3 main galleries and also a library that one can visit. Safe to say, that it’s the go-to place for every comic art fan or even an up and coming or pro designer.

Material Lab

Founded by Johnson Tiles, Material Lab is an exciting place in London that you absolutely need to visit. It’s open to everyone. It’s basically a hub for the design and architectural community and there’s just no better place to find inspiration. Whether you are just looking to get updates about the recent popular design trends, want to explore and check out various materials for your own artworks, or just want to hang out with like-minded people, this is the place you have to pop in.

Hampton Court Palace

Enough with the indoor places. Now it’s time to simple breath fresh air, stroll out in the open, and take in what Hampton Court Palace has to offer. By merely walking through the beautiful gardens and room of the Hampton Court Palace you’ll get to see both nature and man-made designs side by side. So next time you are in London, just catch a boat from central London and go see the Hampton Court Palace. You’ll be thanking yourself after doing that.

Parting thoughts

So, there you have it, the 8 wonderful places in London that often go unnoticed when it comes to finding design inspiration.

The most amazing thing about London is that it’s a city where past and present clashes just about perfectly. There’s classical structures, historic typefaces, along with iconic architecture at one end and latest, cutting-edge, modern buildings as well as street art on the other. It just can’t better than this.

The power of inspiration is real and you might be surprised at how it can be drawn in unusual ways. So, if you get a chance to visit London do visit the above-mentioned places in order to awaken the designer within yourself.