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4 reasons to invest in a professional website

eivind holum
4 reasons to invest in a professional website

According to the latest statistics on the web, there are approximately 4.1 billion internet users in the world. This means that there is a whole new marketplace existing online. All you need to do is play your cards right and you can have a very successful e-commerce business.

What proves the extent to which the online marketplace dominates around the globe are the projected statistics that around 1.92 billion people will be making online purchases in the year 2019 and the e-commerce industry will make close to $2 trillion in sales in the year 2019. These figures are really fascinating. Why? Because they highlight the increase in popularity and usage of the internet as a medium to buy and sell goods as well as services.

Having established that the modern marketplace is online and not offline, we can move on to how exactly businesses worldwide can pave their way to success. The first and the most important step, which to be honest has become sort of a necessity in this digital era is having a professional website. Given that 88% of consumers research the product or service online before making a purchase emphasizes on the importance of having a website because otherwise, you will simply lose out on a hell of a lot of business. Do you want that? Obviously not.

If you are still not sold on the idea of having an impeccable website for your business then read on. Following are the four points that depict the importance of having a professional website:

Your website is your most important marketing tool
Once you realize that everything you do online, be it putting up an advertisement, uploading a blog, or even engaging with your potential customers will eventually drive people to your website, you will understand why the website is considered as the most integral part of one’s business. The fact that people will look your business up online and visit your website when any piece of visual or written content anywhere on the internet appeals to them means that it is crucial for you to set up a website that presents you in the best possible way. Clearly describing who you are, what you offer, and what value you can provide on your website can go a long way in making additional sales and converting prospects.

It is vital that you understand that your website is the home to all of your business-related content. Now consider for instance that you use social media to engage people and increase brand awareness. Now, what happens when you pique the interest of for instance a potential customer? That individual would want to visit your website to get to know more about you and see what product or service you can offer him or her. Now if you don’t have a website or have a sub-standard one then you’ll actually be shooting yourself in the foot. Similarly, email marketing and PPC advertisement also require businesses to have websites. This is because both will eventually guide people to the website where you can further convert the leads.

Website drives sales
Sales are the driving force for every business and the role of the website is actually similar to one of a salesperson. Having a great website not only gives you the opportunity to make sales but also consistently increase your sales. The most obvious way a website helping in sales is obviously through online shopping. Customers can select whatever they want to buy and simply check out. However, there’s more to it then you think. All the content on websites is actually one way or another boosting your chances of making a sale that is if the content is good enough. By providing relevant information, engaging with the leads as in answering the queries, and presenting the company appropriately, the website convinces potential customers to go ahead and make a purchase. The impression of your company that you give through your website is what actually encourages or discourages people to buy from you.  

Website builds credibility

Now we all know that the companies without a website in this digital age are considered to be less credible and even termed ‘backwards’. Think yourself. Would you want to buy something from companies that do not even have a website? Obviously not. You might think that maybe the reason they don’t have a website is because they have something to hide or are just a small time business offering inferior quality goods and services.

The thing is that having a website gives credibility to businesses. Given that establishing trust is key to having long-term professional relationships, a website lends credibility to businesses because it allows the customers to go through all the essential information about a particular company. Now having a website is not just enough, the quality of the website is also very important. The better the graphics, the layout, and the content, the more the customers will trust the company. It is pivotal for any company to not only present themselves as unique in terms of their offerings but also prove how they are head and shoulders above the competition. Through customized content and visuals on the website, a company can showcase themselves as real pros who know exactly what they are doing.

Your Website provides accessibility
Whether or not you or anyone from your customer service department or even the entire company is available, the website remains available 24/7. Your target audience can anytime and anywhere visit the website and take a detailed look at everything there is to know about your company. The fact is that a website provides convenience to potential customers who can then take a decision about making a purchase later on. Having a website eliminates the need to have retail stores. Now your digital sales person that is your website can handle all the tasks such as providing information, making the sale, and even collecting money on your behalf. So, what’s your excuse for not having a website?

The takeaway

It will not be wrong to say that a professional website is the backbone of a business. After all, it is what connects you with your customers. The better it is the higher your chances of wooing your customer and getting their business.

Given that a website is integral to your business you have got to make sure that your website stands out from the crowd. If you cannot design a website on your own then don’t even think twice before hiring a freelance web designer or web design agency. It will be worth it. Availing professional web design and development services is the easiest and safest method of growing a business.

Having a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, attractive and unique design, fast loading time, online store with a convenient option of checking out, helpful and original content in addition to optimizing the website according to various search engines are all requirements that you need to pay a lot of attention to. Since it can be really hectic to get everything right, hiring a web design company is highly recommended.

Let professional web design and development companies do what they are good at and you focus on other important aspects of your business. How does that sound? So without wasting any more time invest in your brand today. If you have any particular queries or want to discuss your particular project in detail then get in touch with Eivind Holum, a professional web designer and developer with an immaculate track record.