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The world of Freelancing is growing

eivind holum
The world of Freelancing is growing

In this day and age, a paradigm shift is altering the employment patterns around the globe. Not only are people embracing freelancing but in the quest to lower costs and maximize profits, companies are also outsourcing tasks to freelancers. The reality is that the days of the traditional 9-5 jobs are long gone.


Some astonishing stats 

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. To put things into perspective, consider the fact that there are approximately 2 million freelancers in the UK and 57 million freelancers in the US, working across various sectors. In addition to this, it has been estimated by PeoplePerHour that the gig economy in the UK and US will continue to increase at an average rate of at least 3% per year, which will mean that one in every two individuals both in the UK and US will be working as freelancers by 2025.


What is a freelancer, really?

A freelancer is a free-spirited person. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Let me explain. Freelancers are free-spirited because they have the freedom to work on what they want when they want and for the amount of money they want. The term freelance is used in order to describe an individual who works on various jobs, for short periods of time. Freelance workers are independent. They do not have a job with a permanent employer and hence, are not limited by any restrictions and they can work on multiple jobs for multiple clients at the same time.


Freelancing is adaptable. It provides flexibility to workers that is not available anywhere else in the professional world. Not only can the workers set their own hours of work, but they can also even choose the projects they want to work on and the rate per hour that they want in return for the services they provide. Thus, it’s not a surprise at all that it is getting quite popular. The profession of freelancing is somewhat similar to an independent contractor, who can control how the job at hand can be completed, all by themselves. 


With freelancing, one can get started right away. There is nothing that holds one back. It doesn’t require a diploma or any other kind of certification to begin. All one needs to do is simply, sign up on any of the top freelancing websites on the internet – there are hundreds of them – or just start up one’s own website/business. Moreover, there is little to no initial investment required. This makes it even better since it is affordable for almost everyone to become a freelancer.


Freelancing allows people to pursue their passions as it helps them earn a living while doing what they want to do and takes up lesser time. Most importantly, freelance workers can easily earn more money by offering the same services that they do at their full-time job.  This means one can earn a greater income, by becoming their own boss. That's just awesome, isn't it?


The one field that you should definitely consider 

The freelancing industry is very diverse. Some of the most popular skills on offer and that are in high demand are graphic designing as well as content writing among others such as photography, acting, translating and music.


Now, the question that is often asked by people worldwide is that which is the one skill that I can master and in turn offer that can help me balance my professional as well as personal life and in turn help me earn good money. While there is no straightforward answer to this given that you can opt for any particular field that interests you and in the process get rich, the one field that can benefit you on multiple fronts is graphic design services.


Given that each and every company nowadays requires professional web design services, by becoming a freelance web developer you can cater to that increase in demand. Make no mistake, the job of a freelance website designer is quite intricate. It is not going to be a walk in the park and the sooner you accept it the better. However, given that you have a knack for graphic designing, are interested in the field, and willing to learn continuously then there’s no limit to what you can achieve. So, what are you waiting for? Train yourself and become a freelance web designer.


The gist

 It goes without saying that the future workforce will be very different from today’s workforce. The gig economy is only going one way and that is upwards. So, why not jump on the moving cart and benefit from the numerous advantages that freelancing brings you? Do what you want to do and get paid for it. Start evaluating your options and put yourself first. Stop the exploitation of organizations by freelancing and becoming your own boss. This will only prove to be beneficial.