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The Importance of a great logo

eivind holum
The Importance of a great logo

Come to think of it, I don’t even know where exactly to start from when it comes to describing the importance of a great logo. How can I do justice to highlighting how essential a logo is when there’s just so many aspects and a number of reasons that entail how a logo helps a business achieve competitive advantage. Just thinking about laying it all out for you – point by point – gives me a tingling sensation, rush of adrenaline, and goosebumps because I know that a logo can make or break your business, your brand, and your identity.

Knowing how crucial it is for you and your business, especially in this digital age will allow you to tread on the path to get a perfect logo designed. If done right, a logo can stand the test of times, endure, persist, and represent everything that is good about you and your business. A logo is important because it:

Gives a first impression that makes a difference

Attracting new customers is pivotal for every business. Isn’t it? But how can you hook potential customers in? Through an impeccable logo. Yes, you read that right. This is because it is usually the first thing that people notice. People generally make up their mind within a matter of seconds about a business by merely glancing at the logo. If it catches their eye and appeals to them, then they become interested. Now you only get one chance of making a first impression. Make the most of it by using a logo that has the power to not only appeal but also relay a message effectively to your potential customers.

Represents your brand

The quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is perfectly applicable when it comes to describing how a logo symbolizes different characteristics of your brand and communicates what you are all about. A logo can reveal your true identity by informing people about you, what you offer in terms of good and services, and what people can expect from you. Whatever brand message you want to give to potential customers and existing customers can be conveyed effectively through a logo. Given that a logo can be placed anywhere and everywhere makes it an even more powerful advertising/marketing tool that can help you win customers.

Projects your image

A logo can help you in making people perceive your brand exactly the way you want to. Be it trustworthiness, durability, exclusivity, reliability, or consistency, whatever reputation you want your brand to have can be projected through a well-designed logo. It’s as simple as that. A logo clearly presents all that is important about your business and helps people identify the company through the logo. Think of it as the one element that can help you stand out from the crowd by staying in the memories of people. By defining your company’s personality you can even use a logo as a tool to increase your brand loyalty.

Helps you achieve competitive advantage

It goes without saying that competition is sky high in this day and age. It is highly likely that there’s someone (or rather many others) who are doing exactly what you are doing (or even better). Don’t worry, while there are many similar types of brands out there, you can use a logo as a tool that distinguishes you from everyone else. They key is to embrace your uniqueness and present it in the logo of your company.

The takeaway

There’s just something amazing about great logos. Not only do they attract people but they are imprinted in the minds of the people so much so that whatever corner of the world one is in or however busy one might be, it takes a fraction of a second to recognize what it represents. Logos symbolize what a particular business is all about. Think of Mercedes logo that represents the company’s plan for dominating the land, sea, and air through its three-point star emblem. Think of Nike’s swoosh that highlights speed as well as movement while representing the Greek Goddess of victory after whom the brand is named. Think of Apple’s logo, an apple representing the company and a bite, which not only is a computer term but also serves as a differentiating factor that makes sure that regardless of scale, the logo looks like an apple. These are just three of the several logos that are widely recognized around the world and which help their respective companies stand out.

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