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4 Popular Logo Design Trends

eivind holum
4 Popular Logo Design Trends

A new year


A new year brings with it new opportunities. Grasp them and you’ll be successful. Miss them and you’ll be on the fast lane to obscurity. It goes without saying that in this digital age regardless of what your business is, a logo is your identity – the face of your venture. A logo is the first thing that potential customers usually notice and the more it resonates with them the better. Hence, you need to stay a step ahead of your competition by using a latest, cutting-edge logo that captivates the attention of your potential customers. Following are the four logo design trends that you should definitely consider embracing this year:


While it’s no surprise that semi-flat logos are getting more and more popular, the fact that the majority of companies are still not adopting them remains a mystery. Semi-flat logos, unlike the traditional logos, give a three-dimensional look to the logo, making it appear as though it’s lifted up. Hence, they are ideal for today’s companies, especially in the technology sphere because semi-flat logos present a brand image that is modern, unique, and dynamic. Contrary to what most people think, innovative new semi-flat logos can be created with clever use of gradient color as well as angles. 

Variable Logo Design

Gone are the days when designers had to only worry about how their logo will be viewed on a number of different platforms. Now is the time to adjust one’s logo according to the person viewing it. Yes, you read that right. Variable logo design helps you do just that. Variable logo design allows you to individualize your relationship with your customer. It allows you to adapt your brand according to the customer's needs and speak directly to them. Hence, with variable logo design, you can tailor your brand appeal according to the audience. Isn’t that just great?


There’s just something about shapes that make them appealing as logos. Maybe it’s their modern yet eternal nature or the fact that they can symbolically convey efficiency, organization, and structure. 2019 is indeed predicted to be another year that will see a rise in the usage of geometric logos. However, the mixture of colorful palates’ is the key. It is the one thing that bold geometric shapes presenting a minimalistic and personal outlook absolutely require.

Logos that trick

A new way of attracting attention is a logo that deceives the eye. It literally is a way of getting ahead of your competition by innovating. Creating illusions as well as distortion and playing with perspectives is a cool way of standing out from the crowd and appealing to customers. It helps businesses get traction that they otherwise cannot get. So what are you waiting for? Leverage this type of logo design to refresh your company brand image and give it an outlook that will get people talking.

The takeaway

If multinational giants such as Google, Apple, and Coca-Cola can update their logos from time to time, so can you. Be creative, experiment in intriguing ways and design your own path to success!