4 visual identity design trends

4 visual identity design trends

4 Visual identity design trends of 2019

Even if the goods or services that you are selling are extraordinary, there’s still no guarantee that you will be able to make sales. Why? Because your brand image or in other words your visual identity is essential when it comes to engaging your target audience and driving sales.

The visual identity trends of your company have to evolve with the course of time if you want to stay relevant in today’s dynamic markets. Now, of course, you don’t have to just blindly follow whatever is new but you have to be aware of the recent trends.

So without further ado, I present to you the four visual identity design trends of 2019 that will update you about the upcoming trends that will surely ruffle some feathers by disrupting the online world:

Bright Colors

With just a few months into 2019, I am sure you would have noticed that the world of design looks a bit more colorful. Doesn’t it? This is because companies are taking greater risks now by experimenting with color schemes. By using vivid color palettes such as the blue, yellow, red, and coral they are trying to gain the attention of the audience in a way that hasn’t been done before. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at the marketing campaigns of Apple, Samsung, and Spotify among others.


The nature, size, and shape of the fonts used on the web displays, advertisements, and printed media greatly affects the way an audience perceives a brand. The bold font is expected to remain the focal point when it comes to grabbing attention and getting the message across. It is popular not only because it makes the text easier to read but also because it projects strength as well as uniqueness. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, Adobe, and Samsung are all using strong typography to pique the interest of individuals and guess what, its working.

Futuristic Graphics

Till now we haven’t really seen companies and individuals embrace futuristic designs such as abstract patterns, glitches, geometric influences, and reflective as well as holographic elements to a large extent. But that is about to change now. In order to make an impact and leave a lasting memory in the mind of their audiences, companies are willing to be more creative. Given that the futuristic graphics help a brand look modern and resonate with the younger generation is all the more reason for it to be used.

Hand-drawn complex illustrations

While the majority of the brands out there will be using computer generated graphics, you can stand out with custom hand-drawn visual content that will not only be unique but also tailor-made to deliver the exact message that you want. Social media loves hand-drawn illustration and provided that social media is the key to success today, you can inspire your audience through the hand-drawn visual content. The idea that you encourage through it is that your company is ‘real’ and that you embrace simplicity. People love that.

The takeaway

Understanding modern visual identity design trends is critical for every business. However, remember that not every particular design trend might be right for you. Regardless of that, let your creativity drive you and in the process figure out what’s best for you.